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Built with your IT infrastructure in mind, Mongoose enables meaningful, secure communication between staff and students.

100% cloud hosted

With Mongoose, there’s no software, hardware, or additional infrastructure for you to install, manage, or maintain. All our services are configured and hosted in a scalable and fault-tolerant environment.

  • Built-in redundancy within our primary hosting region, along with geographic replication to provide for both rapid failovers and for business continuity in the event of a disaster
  • Microsoft Azure is the primary hosting environment, providing a high degree of physical, network, and application security – with security compliance, including ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC 1, and SOC 2

Performance and updates

We also place high value on reliability and simplicity—in both user interfaces and the infrastructure that functions beneath the surface. We also listen to our clients and use their feedback to continuously improve our platform.

  • Platform annual uptime exceeds 99.98%
  • SMS connectivity orchestrated across 3,200 carriers provides most reliable message delivery available
  • Support for all modern browsers and devices via a responsive web application and/or mobile application
  • Updates and new functionality is released frequently and without interruption— no maintenance windows, arduous migration projects, or jarring updates where the product has a sudden seismic shift

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Security, data ownership, and privacy

Mongoose is architected with security and privacy as highest priorities. We’re committed to ensuring that your data is not exposed to anyone who should not have access to it.

  • All data is transmitted over standard HTTPS/SSL with a 2048-bit key with a valid certificate and up-to-date configuration, protocol and ciphers
  • The software platform is built using web and mobile security best practices, and is surrounded with application firewalls and a suite of monitoring and alertings systems
  • Compliant with the government FERPA guidelines for third-party vendors
  • Your data belongs to you – and is used only for providing our software and services to you

Data integration

Mongoose has data integration options that align with how your campus is already doing business.

  • File-based: There are simple file-based methods that allow you to quickly transfer thousands of records without any complicated mapping steps or sFTP processes
  • API-based: Our REST-based API allows for transaction and batch changes to data within Mongoose, and a set of webhooks to allow for realtime updates in your CRM for message activity
  • Native CRM/SIS: There are also native integration packages available with major CRM/SIS products, providing a configuration-based data exchanges that are possible without any campus development effort