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Keep your institution on the forefront of student communication with Mongoose's cloud-based text messaging platform.

Enterprise Texting for Higher Education

Those who do not embrace the future risk becoming history. And when it comes to communicating with today’s students, there’s no denying that the era of text messaging has arrived. Integrated with your existing IT infrastructure, Mongoose is a hosted solution that empowers departments across campus to productively engage with students.

Attack your KPIs head on.

Having a text messaging platform not only makes your staff’s lives easier, it also leads to positive student and institutional outcomes. Our clients regularly achieve higher yield percentages, higher on-campus participation, more on-time graduates, and more active (and generous) alumni.

Mongoose key features:

  • 100% cloud—no new servers to install
  • Flexibility with existing organizational structure
  • FERPA compliant
  • Clean and easy implementation—takes hours, not weeks or months

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Mongoose has been helping colleges and university text with students for over seven years.
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