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We eat, sleep, and breathe texting for higher education. Here are insights and best practices you can put into action on your campus.

Texting Drives for Student Success

Connecting with students has become extremely difficult.  Voice calls go unanswered, emails are largely ignored. This can be especially frustrating when the essence of your job is to communicate with students. We are pleased to provide some resources to help your staff start connecting with students via text messaging. BLOG: Simple Example Text Messages TEXTING FROM ORIENTATION TO GRADUATION: ENGAGING … Continued

Legalities of texting students

You want to text students. But you don’t want to break the law. (Orange may be the new black, but it’s still not your color.) Lucky for you, it’s fairly easy to stay in compliance.

Veteran Wisdom for Transfer Admissions Professionals

Practical tips to new increase transfer enrollment Transfer students have very different perspectives than first-year students. First-year students are often trying to figure out who they want to become and where they want to do so. Transfer students are much more discerning and have already had concrete experiences. They want to know what they will become … Continued