But only 1% of schools in the U.S. are using text
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At Mongoose, we make it ridiculously easy for any staff member at your institution to text one-on-one with students — or send personalized mass texts — from a phone, tablet or computer. It’s no wonder Mongoose is higher education’s preferred texting provider.

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Stop waiting (and waiting) for students to answer voicemails and emails. With texting, you’ll have more conversations with more students —which means more engagement and more deposits. (Especially if you ask students the right questions.) Even veteran counselors keep telling us “it’s the best thing I’ve seen in my career.” We couldn’t agree more.

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Our clients get a 56%
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Because a personal
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Students are stressed out. They have so many questions. Now you can hold their hands through the entire process. It’s more comfortable and more relaxing for everyone.

“Texting has allowed us to reach students we were never able to reach via phone. We have much cleaner data on active students which has allowed us to build even stronger relationships!”

Kelly L. Holloway
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Mercer University

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How it works

(and works and works)

We’ve helped our client institutions send and receive more than 2 million texts. Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Use Mongoose Texting through any browser on your phone, tablet or computer
  2. Choose which student—or group of students—to text (with Mongoose, even mass messages still look and feel exactly like one-to-one texts)
  3. Each student gets a text on their phone from your unique virtual phone number
  4. See everything about each student from your CRM/ ERP as you’re texting them
  5. Students ask more questions and share more info via text, so you get responses instantly – enabling you to have more quality contacts – which directly increases yield.
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chat1Hi Megan! Can you send me your HS transcript to complete your file?
chat2K. I’ll let my counsellor know
chat1Time to fill out the FAFSA.
chat2Thanks. Working on it with my mom this weekend.
chat1Congrats! You’ve been accepted to Champlain! 626f62df8368693e8f8af00d6a5c9ce2
chat2WOOT! 1143d0bd96a97cf1d83a9c0a04c31330

All the data — in one place

From enrollment status and intended major to missing documents, all the details you need about each student are right on your screen. Plus, Mongoose integrates with every major ERP and CRM, so you never have to enter info twice.

What your IT folks want to know:

  • The data integration is 2-way. Your information system is always the system of record. You won’t find any pesky duplication issues here.
  • You can integrate manually (copy/paste thousands of records at once). You read that right, no CSV, data mapping, FTP sites. We are so not in the 90s anymore.
  • We also offer a full set of clean & simple API methods. Everything modern and easy.
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Meet Mongoose

73 admissions marketing awards. 20+ years working exclusively with higher education. 1 goal. As the nation’s leading provider of text messaging services for higher education, we are completely and relentlessly focused on helping colleges and universities attract, retain and serve their students.

daveDave Marshall / President, Product Manager
As the founder of Mongoose, Dave is the chief architect of the company’s wildly successful texting platform. Before starting Mongoose, Dave co-founded LiquidMatrix—the company that dominated the Admissions Marketing Awards for 9 consecutive years before being acquired by Datatel (now Ellucian). In addition to leading the team that developed the most widely used e-recruiting tools in the country, Dave has presented at more than 100 industry conferences, written numerous articles on technology-based recruitment, and (in partnership with Noel-Levitz) founded and presented on numerous topics at the e-Recruitment Mastery Workshop.

Andrew Veatch/ Vice President Software Development
Andrew is responsible for the technology at Mongoose, and couldn’t be more excited to be helping institutions find and retain their students. Having spent nearly his entire career in higher education technology, he worked on the Banner system at SUNY Geneseo while a student there, developed custom integration components at LiquidMatrix and then at Datatel (now Ellucian). Previous to joining Mongoose, he spent 8 years at Campus Labs leading the development team as they transformed how institutions collected and analyzed data to become more effective.


Amber Rich, Ed.D. / Director of Client Relations
Amber is the day-to-day contact for our client institutions, helping them achieve exceptional results through texting. Before joining Mongoose, Amber held key roles in both undergraduate and graduate admissions during the 12 years she spent at Champlain College, where she more than tripled enrollment. She has a Master’s Degree in Managing Innovation and Information Technology, and her Ed.D in Educational Leadership and Policies Studies, with a focus on Higher Education.

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